Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How a week SEO helped for my image website

Hello guys, I am Dipendra with yet another blogging tips for you guys. This is because I love sharing my experiments with you guys and hope you like reading them too.

Today I will be discussing on some of the SEO strategies that I used to improve the search engine ranking of one of the website by almost double in just two weeks. The organic traffic started to increase soon after the first wee we started to work together and this was really awesome.

The website is a free image sharing website online that allows user to share their images online for free and the main keyword of the website was 'free image hosting'. 

So when I first took over the SEO for the website, I started from a 66th position to his primary keyword. This was that his primary keyword was at the 66th position in Google when I first took over to the website.

Just in after the week we started to work on its SEO, the position improved upto 26, however it gradually move down to 44 position and now to 42.

This was certainly because we worked with the backlinks quicker at the beginning. The site started to pic up some quick backlinks and then we slowed down. This was not natural to Google and this is why we will be building some more backlinks to our website and finally we could see ourself improved in our ranking keywords.

However importantly, our organic traffic doubled by two week's time. From 130 visitors a day from Google, the visitors was more than double and almost treble to 350 organic visitors a day. This was really an impressive performance and result that kept us inspiring.

So we are still working with the SEO of website and I hope we will be able to get into the rank for our primary keyword in some months, the maximum it would take is six months.

How much Did we Spent ?

Search Engine Optimization certainly needs some investment. We need to make some on page changes so we must pay the developer. Similarly, we also need to make some payments to collect some backlinks.

Since we are webmaster guys and could develop our code ourselves, the prices in the development was minimized and further we just went on spending money for getting some backlinks. We spend not more than 100$ on backlink every month and even with such little investment, the results have been astonishing.

Beside concentrating on spending money and only making backlinks, we made sure we worked with the on page factors well. From loading time of the website, to internal servers errors and not found pages, we worked with every one of them to make the website as much optimized as possible. This was one of the main reasons why our site was able to get some good organic visitors.

Search Engine Optimization is really an impressive and great subject for me. I love doing some case studies, writing and experiments in the SEO. I will gradually update you with the process and the actions I took with this website to help you in SEO.

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