Saturday, May 22, 2010

Starting Tips For Blogger

Blogging has been used for many purpose in the internet world Today.Starting a blog is very much easier.You can just Start a blog From Different Sites like Wordpress,Blogger,etc but I suggest You to blog on Wordpress.Just these are some of the points that a starter blogger must remember.
  • Start with a good looking templates for the blogs.You can find a good and attracting templates for bloggers at Templates Block.Make your website good looking first so that it attracts the visitors attraction.
  • Choose a best Title for the website.Never title the website as Welcome to your name's blog.Rather name it such that it describes your Blog
  • List your blog to search engines and some of the directories but be sure that your blog is complete before you submit as search engine hates the submission of Blogs that are under construction.
  • To get listed in search engine within 24 hours,you need not submit your site to search engine.Submitting takes about a week or even more.To get Top,get a backlink of your page at at least PR6 page and sure you will get listed in 24 hours.Backlinks at PR5 will take 3 days to get listed
  • Advertise your blog to your friends after it is complete
  • Get lots of backlinks by link exchange websites.This will increase your reputation in Search engines and help you get top in it.
  • The most important of all is daily at least write a new post in blog.More the number post higher will be the visitors.
Best of luck for good results and happy blogging.


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