Saturday, June 26, 2010

Link Exchange may ban You from Search engines|Link exchange is dangerous


May be this is not known to you but exchanging links may be dangerous for your websites in search engine rankings.Search engine have their own policy on which they rank the websites and they strictly penalise those who exchange links for improving their page ranks.
People usually exchange link in order to get good results in the search engines and I do not object this.Link exchange is very much essential for getting good rank in google but link exchanges is also dangerous.I will be explaining you why.According to google webmaster guidelines google strictly penalise the sites which exchanges links just for improving your ranking.So strictly avoid link exchanges which will let google know you are exchanging links.This can be done by not adding lot of link in same page.This is just a warning.Know about it more to secure your ranking in google or you will pay a bad penalty by getting banned from Search engines.


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