Thursday, May 19, 2011

Famous Bloggers: “ElegantThemes Wins the WordPress Theme Madness Competition” plus 1 more

Famous Bloggers: “ElegantThemes Wins the WordPress Theme Madness Competition” plus 1 more

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ElegantThemes Wins the WordPress Theme Madness Competition

Posted: 18 May 2011 06:25 PM PDT

It’s really cool to see how WordPress Theme Madness competition ended last week when WPCandy pronounced the finals between ElegantThemes against Themefuse. I wasn’t surprised at all that ElegantTheme made it to the first place, it’s the most recommended membership for WordPress themes.

I’ve joined ElegantThemes two years back to use it on my personal blog, and I still use it till now, it was a big change in the way I do things, it was my first ever premium membership that I am still proud of.

I always think that ElegantThemes is the best WordPress themes membership site ever. and I will never stop saying Get ElegantThemes membership first, then do what ever you want!

However, I am using Thesis Framework here on FamousBloggers, but this was a result of development. I’ve changed from a person who used ready made designs to a guy who can develop based on theme frameworks to build his own stuff, so now I am developing skins for Thesis Theme which is really different than creating and marketing a theme.

elegantthemes vs themefuse

Also, Themefuse seams to be interesting theme, this is what we should realize, Themefuse theme made the second place in the WordPress Theme Madness competition, it should deserve our attention.

ElegantThemes VS Themefuse

Yes, ElegantThemes is a must have themes membership for bloggers who wants to help their clients fast and get the job done by choosing from over 50 different and unique designs, it’s the most affordable elegant designs for WordPress.

Congratulations ElegantThemes.

Marketing Your eBook as an Audiobook

Posted: 18 May 2011 12:35 PM PDT

We are a society of “GO GO GO.” People want their information NOW, and they want it in any format they so choose. This is especially applicable to the internet realm, including your eBooks.


Think about the publishing industry. They offer hardback, paperback, electronic and audiobook versions. Sure, they don’t all come out at once, but the public knows that one of those formats will be available at any given time. So, if they don’t like the hardback version, they can wait for the paperback version. If they don’t want a physical copy at all, they’ll simply wait for the audiobook version and so on.

Just like in blogging, where we can either write a blog post, embed a video, or create a podcast, we need to shake things up with our eBooks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love eBooks! I love that I can just download it and read it on my Kindle, iPad, Nook, computer, or smart phone. However, sometimes I’d really love to be able to listen to it, instead of read it.

Listen Wherever

I can retain information better if I hear something, rather than read it or vise versa, which is one of the reasons why when bloggers post up a podcast, they also translate it for those who don’t want to listen and have the time to read.

So why haven’t we turned our eBook’s into audiobooks?

Why don’t we give our fans and potential clients the option to HEAR it as well as read it?

Of course, I don’t expect you to adhere to every whim of the customer’s voice. However, in this type of scenario, it would be a wise move to give them more options to hear your invaluable advice.

Think about how popular music is. You could be tapping into the market of people who have their headphones constantly attached their ears.

For instance, here are a few ways we can listen:

listen to audio books on mobileWhile I’m doing homework

cleaning the house

on a road trip,

to and from work


and so on.

The amount of time that I have to listen is drastically higher than the amount of time that I have to read. Not to mention, in audiobook format, you can now offer it on iTunes, which has a huge market.

So when thinking about your eBook, treat it as any other marketing technique and offer it in audio format to reach an even larger audience.

Also, I practice what I preach. Here’s the audio version of this blog post:

Click Here to Listen to this post!

*Right click and ‘save as’ to hear or simply click to open in your browser.


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