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Famous Bloggers - The First Week of Blogging

Famous Bloggers - The First Week of Blogging

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The First Week of Blogging

Posted: 14 May 2011 02:54 PM PDT

My first week of blogging was really weird; it wasn’t even close to blogging. I remember that I came across WordPress many years ago, but to me it wasn't for blogging. Yes I haven't use WordPress for blogging as a goal, but my goal that time was to discover an easy and effective way to create websites for my clients and allow them to add or edit their own content.

I was just using WordPress as a powerful CMS to create a website not a blog. However, the news section of any website I've created was using the blogging engine.

I was not having a blog!

One thing I was missing that time, I haven't got a blog! And I didn’t know how to blog!

It would really make a big different if I created a blog earlier and published all the cool stuff I've learned about blogging since the beginning. But anyways, I've started blogging after some time, and probably it was the best thing I ever did, and the most profitable decision I took for my business as a web designer and developer, and now I am more into internet marketing than any other thing, it's what makes me money.

First Week of Blogging

Last week Darren Rowse released his new e-book, it's called the first week of blogging, it's a refreshing source of information and a good reminder of what I've done wrong when I first started blogging and created my first blog, I was totally lost!

I did so many mistakes when I started FamousBloggers even though it's not my first blog, and I had to learn a lot of things trying to lead it to the right spot on the internet, and because I know that most of our blog visitors are new to blogging, or they don't even have a blog yet, I wanted to share this very useful guide to your first week of blogging.

I highly recommend this e-book for everyone who thinks about starting her/his first blog ever, or those who are thinking of starting their second blog. You really don't have to go through this without a little hand.

So, if you want to start blogging with solid foundations, you should start here..

Buy the ebook before May 17 for just $9.99 – that's 50% off. You'll also go into the draw to win a prize worth over $850 – Click here for details

Check out the ProBlogger's Guide to Your First Week of Blogging..

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Also check other books by Darren

To your success!


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