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Famous Bloggers - Recent Posts With Thumbnails Plugin For Thesis Theme

Famous Bloggers - Recent Posts With Thumbnails Plugin For Thesis Theme

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Recent Posts With Thumbnails Plugin For Thesis Theme

Posted: 30 May 2011 11:23 AM PDT

I’ve got a support ticket from one of our members at ThesisAwesome.com asking how to display recent posts with thumbnails on the BlogSkin, and while I was getting ready to reply to him, I remembered the Great Pens plugin, so I thought to make some modifications to make it display the recent posts thumbs instead of authors avatars, it wasn’t really a hard job, so I am releasing the Thesis Theme recent widget for free in Thesis Awesome free download center.

Before we start, I would like to let you know that FamousBloggers is upgraded to Thesis Theme 1.8.1 since the first day it was pronounced, there were no issues at all!

Recent Posts With Thumbnails plugin for Thesis Theme

The Recent Posts With Thumbnails plugin is very straightforward plugin, it will create a widget to display 6 recent posts plus number of comments. The plugin has no option page yet, and I am not sure if I will create it as customizing the plugin is really easy, I mean editing one single file won’t be a big problem in case you would like to change the number of posts, or edit the post image size for example. And to make more easier to customize I’ve added the CSS classes to a separate file.

Installing the plugin

Installing the plugin is very simple like any other WordPress plugin, and because it has no options there is nothing much to do, activate the plugin then drag and drop the widget where you want to display the recent posts.

The Recent Posts With Thumbnails plugin is coded for Thesis Theme, and it uses Thesis Post image. I don’t guarantee it will work on any other theme rather than Thesis.

Download the Recent Posts With Thumbnails plugin

To get the plugin you are required to sign up to ThesisAwesome.com for free to get access to the download center.

Download Recent Posts With Thumbnails

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What Else?

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