Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Importace of Pictures in a blog post

Picture plays a thousand words, this is a Chinese Proverb and this is really true. In case of a blogger post also, picture paints thousand words. Picture plays a great role in blog and websites and how I am going to discuss this here.

Listing the importance

First and crucial importance of placing picture in a blog is that it makes you blog look beautiful and attractive and as a result it make a good impression on your blog in your reader's mind.
Other important reason is that it helps to bring you some unique traffic. This is because there are many people in the globe who are searching for images. May be if they search in Yahoo image search or in Google image search, you can get some visitors come to your blog using image search.
Additionally one hidden importance is that placing an image with optimized alternative tag helps optimize your blog post. If you keep the alternate tage(alt tag for image) same as the name of the blog post then your blog post is optimized in an additional way for the title of your blog post.


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