Saturday, June 26, 2010

Appropriate Way for Link exchange

Link exchange is very much useful for google ranking and for getting good google page rank.But misusing link exchange may penalise you or decrease your search engine ranking.This post is an ideal procedure for proper link exchange.This is my personal experience on how to exchange links to make yourself safe from google penalising you from search engines.So be careful while exchanging the links.You must follow these instructions while exchanging the links
  • Must be sure that the link you are placing in your web page is not banned by google.To check google ban,type and search it in google,if google finds no results,the site is banned.Do not place banned sites to your directory.
  • The next thing to remember is not to place too many links in same page or you will need to pay penalty for ir
  • The ideal way for link exchange is to place a link inside your post by adding a hyperlink releated to your blog post.This is the best way for link exchange and google will never penalise you if you exchange links in this way


Mário Augusto Souza said...

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