Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Did I get my First Page Rank?

my first page rank

How Did I get my First Page Rank

Here,I will explain how did I get my first page rank on this blog.This was such an easy process and I was not even expecting a page rank for helpblogger but I was surprised when I got a page rank for helpblogger.I will tell the story how.
I started in aim to provide some of my experience in blogging so as to help new bloggers but due to my studies and lack of time,I was unable to give more time to help blogger.I just made a blog and posted some comments in other blogs with a link of Help blogger and I made a link exchange with a few blogs and left the blog wothout doing anything.When I was noticed that google updated its page rank,immediately I checked my page rank for my other blog Nepali Chords where I was actively involved and I found my blog's page rank was increased by 1.Then after some days when I was just checking the page ranks for other blog,I was kind of free and just without a reason,without the expectation I checked the page rank for and what I found was its page rank was 1.
This was kind of miracle for me and this influenced me to be actively involved in this blog.


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