Monday, January 31, 2011

A post in a Day is Important in a blog

A post in a day is important

This is one of the minor but important thing while we blog.This is necessary because this helps in optimizing your blog and also helps to update your blog on daily basis and it has been proved that Google prioritizes the blog which are updated regularly and I have proved this practically as well.
I have a blog 'musicbid' and when I updated it its search engine performance was quite better than it used to be when I do not used to update it regularly.So for sure it has some effects in search engine ranking when you update your blog regularly with new posts.
The other benefit of it is,it helps to improve impression of your blog to the recurring visitors because for sure,a daily updated blog has a good impression in visitor than a blog which is not updated for a long time.
So to be a successful blogger,this is one of the thing you must consider.


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