Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to get Traffic in Blog Easily

How to get Traffic in Blog Easily

Traffic to a blog is the key thing. You do not like to put any effort to your blog until and unless there is someone who wants to view you so being a blogger, this is your most prior desire that your blog gets a visitors. If you are newbie and new blogger then I am going to teach you some effective and easy ways to get Visitors to your blog.

Leave your Foot Prints

This is very easy, free and yet effective way to get visitors to your blog. When you go through some blogs then leave comments in some blogs such that they will follow you back and you get some visitors. Keep linking to your blog and keep getting more visitors in a blog. 8% of my visitors are from referring sites.

ChatBox or Interaction Box

Most of the sites and blogs offers a chat box. Enter your link and then describe about your blog. If users find your contents useful, you can get good traffic.

Request Your Friends

This is most embarrassing thing for me even they help you to bring some visitors. You can make your friends visit your blog by referring through chat and other media. This is not much effective even it helps you encourage at the beginning when you have less or Zero Visitors.

Recurring Visit

One of the most important thing a blogger want is to make your visitors reoccur in your blog meaning that visitors comes visiting your blog frequently. This can be done when you provide good contents which are helpful to your visitors and provide an easy friendly appearance for our blog.


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