Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decrease Bounce Rate of a Blog

Bringing Visitor in the blog is a difficult task but comparatively other difficult task is to keep them. You would like your visitors to check as many contents as they can in your blog.
Bounce Rate is nothing more than rate at which your visitors get out of your blog without looking more than one content. For an example if a visitor comes to your blog via a search engine and sees one content and then exits the blog, then it can be said that the visitor bounced out of the site. For an instance there are 10 visitor in your blog who view no more than one content out of 100 visitors then the bounce rate is 10%. No Blogger wants to keep higher bounce rate. So Here are the tips how you can make your visitors view as much contents as possible.
Related Posts Widget: Use Related post widgets so that visitors can see a list of related posts. This widgets can be easily installed in a blog. Related posts shows random posts from similar Labels. This is automatic and increases blog page views.
Provide Manual Posts Suggestions: This is one of most effective and unique way to keep your visitors in your site as much as possible. When you write a post then at the end write something that inspires others to view the posts. For Example: In this posts about Bounce rate if I suggest some posts like Increase Visitors in a blog or Get Free one way backlinks then it is obvious that most users will go through those posts as well. So this is one of the Idea. I have used this idea in my other blog(musicbid) and got a huge success.
Popular Posts Widgets: This is yet another successful widget which helps you to increase some page views. This widget can be added from blogger itself and it shows list of your popular blog posts which means most visited posts. If the post in popular then it means more visitors are searching for it and thus this post can help you increase some page Views.
Inbound Links: This is really great idea to help you make higher page views per visit because this helps lot. Whenever you write a post,keep inbound links. Inbound links are those links which direct to your blog and are also called internal linking. For example when you write a blog posts about increase adsense earning then you might write this way. You can increase your adsense earning easily after you create an adsense account. To know how to create easy adsense account click here. Then direct the viewer to link in your blog.


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