Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Side Effects of Two Way Link Exchange

Link Exchange is really very popular for the beginner bloggers and helps to get some visitors and good SEO. Also its is one of the things that is in high practice withing the bloggers but to speak the truth, it has some demerits.
Today, search engine Algorithm has been clever such that it can detect two way link exchange easily and thus can penalize a blog according to its rule. You can make some Link exchanges but making many link exchange may be dangerous for you. So you must not use two way link exchanges rather you can use some of the alternatives that provides you backlinks and does not ban you from search engines.
Try article submissions and provide one way backlink to your site. Similarly comment in your blog and most of all practice 3 way link exchange which is explained in figure below. Google does not penalizes three way exchange because it is difficult for Google to figure out this.
3 way link exchange


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