Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Increase Google Page Rank Quickly Easily

Since you are here to know how to increase Google page Rank Easily and Quickly then you might probably know the importance of Google Page Rank.
The only way you can increase page rank is backlink. More backlink you get more will be your page rank and other thing it matters is how quality is your backlink. A quality backlink is referred as a backlink from a high PR page. As your links get quality backlink, there is more chance your PR increases.
Now there is a question how to get quality links??
Getting a quality link is easy and the best way is commenting in blogs. Search for high PR blogs and then make quality comments related to the posts. Search for more and more blogs and then comment. Be sure you do not spam the comments or your comments wont get approved.
Note: Do not comment at great speed i.e limit 5 comments a day or google may think your blog as spam and penalize you. So have patience and be slow never look for speedy increase or you may be reported spam.


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